Tempo runs on treadmill

Performing tempo runs on a treadmill can be an effective way to train yourself to maintain a certain speed over a more extended period.

Practice running with higher intensity on a treadmill

Exercising with higher intensity running on a treadmill can be a good alternative to combine with running training outdoors. For many, treadmill training can be much more motivating in the winter when it is cold and dark. A treadmill can be effective when you train running at a certain pace, such as tempo runs.

What are tempo runs?

Tempo runs are running over extended periods or distances, and it is common to run with moderate to hard intensity. It is common to train tempo in two ways. Tempo runs without breaks and tempo intervals with breaks. For beginners, you may want to start with tempo intervals, to gradually transition to running tempo without breaks.

How to perform tempo runs on a treadmill

You should run with a 1-2 degree incline on the treadmill to compensate for the lack of air resistance. When you run a treadmill, you lift your legs when the belt runs, and thus you can lose some of the power in your legs as you have no kick. To compensate for this, you can also train toe lifts in stairs or ribs and combine treadmill training with running training outside, for example, by training uphill intervals.

You can train tempo intervals or tempo runs without a break. If you have little experience with tempo runs, tempo intervals can be a good fit. The tempo intervals can have a duration of 5-9 minutes, while tempo runs without breaks can be anywhere from 10-60 minutes. After 15 minutes of heating, you can set the mill to the desired speed. If you run tempo runs without a break on the treadmill, you should not start too hard but rather adjust the pace along the way, if desired. It is best if it is possible to pre-program this so that you do not have to fiddle with the panel while running. Try to train tempo where you run progressively faster the longer you run.

Tempo runs on a treadmill to keep a steady pace

A treadmill is very effective in keeping a steady, high pace over time. Set the treadmill at the desired speed and run at this speed for a more extended period. Based on your fitness level, have a gradual increase in how long you run at the desired pace.

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