Upper back soreness after running

Running is an excellent sport for general health cardiovascular fitness, but you may experience upper back soreness or pain if improper posture or technique.

Upper back soreness or pain after running

Upper back pain after running is probably due to poor posture while running. When runners get tired, it can affect their posture, which can lead to worse running techniques. The head tips forward on the neck, causing congestion on the upper back. Good posture is, therefore, crucial to prevent neck and back pain and maintain proper running technique.

Upper back soreness when running can be due to your running technique. If the shoulders are raised, it can lead to ache after a long run. You can also swing your arms too much or too little.

Runners who experience upper back pain should strengthen their back muscles to improve posture. Stretching before and after running and foam rolling can help prevent pain in the upper back when you run.

If the pain in the upper back persists, you should consult your GP or physiotherapist, who can help you treat and prevent further pain and soreness in the upper back.

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