Walking as exercise to lose weight

You may lose weight walking, depending on how long and how intense you walk and how your diet is. Learn more about walking as exercise to lose weight.

Physical activity and fewer calories seem to help with weight loss more than exercise alone.

Physical activity is vital for weight control because it helps you burn more calories. If you add brisk walking in 30 minutes to your daily routine, you can burn about 150 more calories a day. The more you walk and the higher the pace, the more calories you burn.

However, balance is essential and excessive it can increase the risk of soreness, injury, and burnout. If you are new to regular exercise, you may start with short walks with light intensity and gradually build up to longer walks or more moderate or vigorous intensity.

Once you have lost weight, exercise is even more critical. This is what helps keep the weight down. People who maintain long-term weight loss get regular physical activity.

So keep walking, but make sure you also eat a healthy diet.

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