What is a spinning workout

Indoor cycling, studio cycling, or “spinning” is high-intensity training on a stationary bike. Learn more about spinning.

Spinning combines cardio and endurance in a 45-minute calorie-burning session. It is excellent for giving you all the cardiovascular gains and toning muscles to make you super strong.

Spinning targets the quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and core. Spinning can help you lose stubborn pounds and even prevent migraines, plus it has little effect on your joints.

Classes usually use specialized stationary bikes. Features include a mechanical device to change the difficulty of pedaling, specially shaped handlebars, and several adjustment points to adapt the bike to various riders. Many people have a weighted flywheel, which simulates the effect of inertia and momentum when riding a real bike. The pedals are equipped with toe clips on sports bikes to let one foot pull up when the other presses down. They can alternatively have clampless containers for use with cycling shoes with blocks. Padded shorts contribute to comfort and avoid chafing caused by the sewn seams in the underwear.

Group bikes have a wide range of adjustments, and it is vital to get the proper setup before you ride. The seat position must be suitable for the participant’s height. The seat’s height should be level with the hip when the participant is standing next to the bike. Horizontally, the seat should be adjusted so that the front of the knee is directly in a vertical line with the football when the pedal is pointing forward. If the rider’s position is poor, injuries may occur; problems with the lower back and knees are most common.

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