What is the average jogging speed

Your average jogging speed depends on, among other things, your fitness level. Learn more about the average jogging speed and what pace you should keep.

What is the average jogging speed

It is possible to walk fast up to 4.5 mph without jogging. When the speed is faster than six mph, the training shifts from jogging to running. Theoretically, your jogging speed should therefore be between 5 and 6 mph.

Jog to lose weight

Jogging between 5 and 6 mph can burn several hundred calories, which helps lose weight. At five mph, a 185-pound person burns about 710 calories in an hour. The same person burns 800 or 888 calories, respectively, if they run for 60 minutes at a 5.2 to 6 mph speed.

Walking is good exercise

Although calorie burning when jogging is slightly higher than walking, walking can cause you to burn more calories if you spend more time walking than jogging. For many, walking can be more motivating than jogging, which increases the likelihood of exercising.

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