What pace should I run my long runs

Pace ​​when running long distances. Learn more about what pace you can keep when running long distances and how you can easily calculate the pace when you have time and distance.

At what speed you can train long runs

The speed when you train long runs will usually be relatively low, and this is because the intensity will also often be lower when you run long runs. The exception is when you complete fast long runs, where part or all of the long runs is conducted at a higher pace. Knowing what speed you can and should keep on long runs can be exciting and depend on what intensity you complete the long runs.

Find your pace on long runs

Test out to find out at what speed you can run long distances. Easy long runs should not have a higher pace than you usually talk while running. For faster long runs, you should run with moderate intensity. You rarely run with hard intensity on long runs, but it may be relevant when you end a long run.

Calculate speed on long runs

Use SpurtCoach to calculate the speed of long trips, based on the time you spend and how long the long runs are. If you aim to increase your speed slightly in the long run, you can have a careful increase in how fast you run per kilometer, but this must not be at the expense of the intensity becoming too high.

Calculate your speed on long runs

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