What’s normal body fat percentage

Learn more about what can be a standard fat percentage for women and men and how you can measure your fat percentage with a fat percentage calculator.

What is the fat percentage?

A person’s fat percentage is the total mass of fat divided by total body mass multiplied by 100. Body fat includes essential body fat and storage of body fat. Essential body fat is needed to maintain life and reproductive functions.

What’s normal fat percentage for men and women

Fettprosent kvinner

AgeUnderweightNormal weightOverweightObesity
20-39 årUnder 21%21-33%33-39%Over 39%
40-59 årUnder 23%23-35%35-40%Over 40%
Over 60 årUnder 24%24-36%36-42%Over 42%

The proportion of important body fat for women is more significant than for men due to the requirements for childbirth and other hormonal functions. Storage of body fat consists of fat accumulation in adipose tissue, which protects internal organs in the breast and abdomen.

Fat percentage men

Age UnderweightNormal weightOverweightObesity
20-39 årUnder 8%8-19%19-25%Over 25%
40-59 årUnder 11%11-22%22-28%Over 28%
Over 60 årUnder 13%13-25%25-30%Over 30%

Measure your fat percentage with a fat percentage calculator

SpurtFat fat percentage calculator allows you to quickly calculate your fat percentage based on static data and body measurements. Enter age, height, and weight to measure your fat percentage and estimate the distribution between body fat and body mass. The calculator also calculates BMI.

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