Why do I feel dizzy after exercise?

Fitness sessions require a severe amount of energy, and it is normal for you to feel a little exhausted. However, your fitness session should never make you feel dizzy if you take the proper precautions for your body, that is.

If exercise dizziness is something you have experienced before or are worried about partaking in in the future, we have the information you need to prevent it from happening.

To forget to breathe

Although remembering to breathe seems like a basic concept that it’s almost stupid, forgetting to breathe is a common cause of dizziness. Your muscles eat up a lot of oxygen when you exercise. If you do not breathe, your heart may not pump enough blood, leading to dizziness.


Your body temperature rises when exercising, and you can lose a lot of water, which can lead to dizziness if you do not drink enough while walking. Cardio makes you sweat, and it is essential to replenish the moisture you lose continuously. There’s one consistent accessory that everyone in aerobic class’ brings: a water bottle.

You can avoid dizziness caused by dehydration by staying well hydrated with water. Adding electrolytes to water can be beneficial also because it will help you replenish the electrolytes you also lose through sweat. In terms of amount, drinking 4-6 grams of water every 10-12 minutes during exercise to prevent dizziness. Staying hydrated during exercise is far too important, and you need to keep doing it all the way.

Low blood sugar

Although you should not exercise with a stomach full of just-eaten food, it also can be problematic to exercise on an empty stomach. Because to give everything to your training, the body needs enough fuel in the system. Exercising lowers blood sugar, so your blood sugar level mustn’t drop too low before you start exercising.

Low blood sugar is easy to prevent. A good strategy for maintaining an adequate blood sugar level is healthy nutrition before exercise. What does this mean specifically? Eating a high-carb piece about an hour before exercise can help prevent dizziness. Carbohydrates keep you adequately driven to the workout and prevent you from getting dizzy.

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