Why does exercise make me sleepy?

It is usual for your muscles to feel tired after a workout, but do you feel like taking a nap after a workout? Why does exercise make me sleepy?

Feeling tired after an exercise is not only inconvenient, it is potentially a sign that you are not treating your body as well as you should. Read on for the reasons why you may be tired after exercise, as well as ways to feel more energetic.

Reasons why you may feel tired after a workout

You do not get enough sleep

Most of us do not get enough sleep, which is a problem. In addition to the apparent fatigue caused by lack of sleep, not getting enough sleep can also adversely affect other parts of life and health, including slowing down your metabolism. Our metabolism is what keeps all our cells functioning, which means that your heart, your brain, your bloodstream, your organs – they all depend on the metabolic function to keep you alive. And an important lifestyle factor to your metabolic function is your sleep. Lack of sleep strongly affects the body’s internal metabolic processes, and shortening sleep for just one night can destroy your hormones and increase your appetite. Maintaining poor sleep habits over time increases the chance of weight problems and other health problems.

You are dehydrated

If you exercise and feel extremely tired afterward, you may not drink enough. A small study from 2012, published in the Journal of Nutrition, tested the mood, concentration, and mental skills of 25 women who received enough fluids to remain optimally hydrated or had a mildly dehydrated state. Researchers found that dehydration caused headache symptoms, loss of focus, a feeling of tiredness, and a bad mood both at rest and during exercise.

You do not eat the right foods to give energy to your body

Food helps your body break down fat and sugar into energy. If you “refuel” your body with processed foods with little or no nutritional benefit, you will probably not feel good after exercising since you deprive your body of the energy that comes from eating the right things.

Note that there may be other underlying medical causes of post-workout fatigue. If you suspect that anything other than the above causes is the cause of your drowsiness, consult your GP.

Prioritize sleep

Sleep is the body’s guaranteed rest period. So make sure you put in at least seven hours after a workout. It’s your time for the muscles to recover and put the body in recovery, both mentally and physically.

Stay hydrated

Proper hydration is one of the best – and easiest – things you can do for your body. Many people stretch right after a coffee after a workout. It is also tempting for people who exercise in the morning to have a coffee right after a sweat. Rehydrate your body with water first before caffeine.

Reassess your diet

The food you eat during the first minutes after a workout is one of the most important underrated parts. To help your body recover faster and build new muscle tissue, you should refuel with a small amount of carbohydrates and proteins shortly after exercise. How soon? Research has shown that eating immediately after a workout (for example, within 15 minutes) is better than eating an hour afterward.

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