Why does my leg burn when I walk

It is not uncommon to feel a burning sensation in your legs when you have completed an activity you are not used to or have trained more than usual.

Causes to burning sensations

The skin, muscles, and nerves in your legs can cause the burning sensation you have in your legs. Knowing the cause can make it easier to implement the proper treatment.


Exercise that uses the muscles in the legs can cause a burning sensation, but that does not necessarily mean an injury. When you exercise, your body needs more energy than usual. When the heart can not supply oxygen-rich blood out to the muscles, it can create lactic acid, which gives a burning sensation.

Running or walking with high intensity can often cause a burning sensation in the legs or thighs, but the feeling should disappear after the training is over.

The muscles will often be sore for a day or two after exercise. This happens more often when the training is unfamiliar or demanding.


Injuries are another common cause of pain or burning sensation in the legs. In particular, muscle damage can cause a burning sensation. The chance of injuring your legs walking is modest but is possible if you practice with high intensity.

When the muscles are stretched too far, it can cause an overload and a tear in a part of the muscle. You may suddenly feel a stabbing pain, turning into a throbbing or burning sensation. The area may swell and bruise.

People can treat muscle pain and strain with the RICE method:

  • Rest. Stop the activity that caused the congestion.
  • Ice. Reduce swelling with an ice pack.
  • Compression. Compress the area that is damaged.
  • Height. Raise the leg above heart level.

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