Why is stretching considered exercise

Whether you cool down after a run or stretch at the desk, most of us recognize the benefit of stretching. Why is stretching considered exercise?

Stretching is an important, albeit an overlooked, exercise, and the body should engage in it consistently.

When we talk about stretching, we describe an exercise that can maintain or improve flexibility. The content of motion of a particular joint depends on the composition of your muscles, your physical activity/training, your anatomical structure (shout out to the double joint among us), age, and gender.

Just as other forms of body conditioning such as strength training and cardio are a necessary part of a training routine, stretching should not be overlooked. Stretching helps to release tension in the muscles. When this tension is released, muscles have a greater chance of getting the circulation they need to function normally. Circulation is essential in all tissues because nutrition is distributed through the tissue. To that extent, stretching can be seen as a form of self-care or conditioning all alone.

What stretching are essential for the body

Although stretching is a movement we can perform at home, it is becoming increasingly popular in the gym, not only on schedules at gyms but also with boutique studios dedicated exclusively to stretching. Assisted stretching, performed by a professional service provider or stretching coach, has increased mobility, flexibility, and blood flow and improved muscle function.

Here are some of the other benefits of a consistent stretching routine:

Stretching helps the muscles heal: Perhaps the most recognized benefit of stretching – and most commonly used – is recovery after strenuous exercise. During physical activity, the fibers can often become disorganized and stressed. Stretching helps change them so that they can heal properly. During strenuous exercise, the muscle fibers can contract too much. If they are not stretched and smoothed out correctly, the fibers may be more prone to pulls, tears, and shortening the range of motion.

Stretching is an effective way to loosen tight muscles and prevents everyday pain: The ailments tend to subside or disappear if this tension is released and the muscles return to normal function. But if the pressure in the muscle is not removed, the muscle tends to protect by tightening, which can continue. Stretching is one of the simplest forms of body maintenance, which almost anyone can do independently.

Stretching helps improve athletic performance, reduces the likelihood of injury, and helps with injury rehabilitation.

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