Why is swimming an aerobic exercise

The pool offers lots of variations of low-impact workouts and is a great place to build and maintain strength as you get older. Learn more about why swimming is an aerobic exercise.

What is aerobic exercise?

Aerobic means “with oxygen.” You can not jog at your best distance without first practicing and perfecting your breathing technique. Aerobic exercise is less stressful for your body because you can consistently send oxygen throughout your body through your breath. During aerobic exercise, your body is powered by the amino acids, fats, and carbohydrates extracted from the oxygen you breathe, which allows you to train for a more extended period. Exercises such as jogging, running, dancing, cycling, skiing, etc., are all excellent examples of aerobic exercise. 

Is swimming an aerobic exercise?

You may wonder if swimming is considered aerobic exercise, and it is. How do you give energy to a workout with oxygen when you swim? Primarily if you use the proper breathing techniques. 

Anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic means “without oxygen.” During anaerobic exercise, your body draws energy through glycogen. These are calories leftover from the food you eat and stored for later use when using energy. They are activated when oxygen is not pumped into the muscles to propel you through a workout. Anaerobic exercises can be HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), plyometrics, sprinting, and other conditions that you work on for a short period (a few seconds to two minutes).

Is swimming anaerobic?

Like sprinting on land, you will work out an anaerobic workout if you exert yourself in the pool. You can complete pool sprints, swim at your fastest in a certain number of seconds or minutes, and even perform moderate strength training exercises with resistance from the water or even pool weights. Track your heart rate so you can reach 80% to 90% MHR (maximum heart rate) for anaerobic workouts.

Which is best?

It’s best to do what you love. It would be best to strike a healthy balance between different swimming exercises for optimal results. That will help you get a rounded strength in the heart, lungs, and various muscle groups and help you become a better athlete overall.

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